​Prophetic Connection

You only exist by the prophetic word but to live and become you need a prophetic connection.  I was one that believes in the prophetic word and thought that all I would need with it is my faith to become. It took me a while to understand that a drip or drop of water will not get me to the same results as a steady flow of water. Just as a prophetic word brings forth life the prophetic connection will sustain, preserve you to produce and manifest. This prophetic connection allows you to see that you are not alone. Do you remember ever asking the question do anyone see, hear or understand what is going on in my life? To be connected to something or someone there must be a need and a common interest to manifest. The need for the prophetic connection goes beyond the prophetic word. This power is an invisible force that exist in the now moment of time that causes the prophetic word to be preserve and produce. The prophetic word can bring life but will also die if there is no prophetic connection. Just as the branch cannot survive without the tree, it is the same with the prophetic word without the prophetic connection. The need for a prophetic connection is a vital need because when your faith wavier it is the prophetic connection that keep the word alive and on course for you. I have found out that the prophetic connection is and unlimited power that keeps you alive. The ultimate goal of a prophetic connection for you is the manifestation of the prophetic word. For you the prophetic connection help brings forth the manifest product of the word. In the manifestation process you have to stay connected because of changes that may try or will occur. The prophetic connection will guide you through your transition. For you to see the prophetic word come to pass in your life is the result of your prophetic connection. This prophetic connection put your mind at easy about the manifestation process. One thing is that you only become what you are connected to. So with you being prophetic connected then you must become the prophetic word. Your length of time that you become your prophetic word depends on your loyalty and faith with and in your prophetic connection. This is also likewise with the quality of you becoming depends on how quality you are with your prophetic connection. Your prophetic connection will always ensure that you operate and manifest in the fullness of time. 

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